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The following statements have been made by internationally established vocalists and other highly esteemed industry peers who I have shared stages with, recorded vocals for, or who have simply witnessed me in performance.

P A T R I C K   L O I S E L

Augury (Canada)

“I had the chance to tour extensively with Cain and witness him deliver the same inhuman fury, night after night, with no weak performance. His method is the right method!!!”

P A O L O   P I E R I

Hour Of Penance (Italy)

“Cain Cressall is definitely one of the most versatile singers I’ve shared the stage with. He can easily cover most ranges in extreme metal singing, from growls to high pitched screaming, without sacrificing expression or articulation.”

M A T T H E W   Y O U N G

King Parrot (Melbourne)

“For close to two decades, Cain Cressall has been at the top of the heap when it comes to extreme metal vocalists in Australia. A truly unique talent that has the ability to whip any audience into a frenzy with his distinctive approach and delivery. There couldn’t be anyone better in this country to learn vocals from than Cain.”

A L A N A   S I B B I S O N

Alana K Vocal (Melbourne)

“If you were to design a perfect artist, your construction would possess every trait, skill, talent and expertise that is Cain Cressall. His vocal gift, passion and hardcore drive shines through his work, and consistently leaves bystanders in absolute awe. Not only is his knowledge (of the voice and body) significantly extensive, but his raw take on building organic artistry will leave you deeply inspired and hungry for more. Cain’s ability to diagnose, solve, create and enlighten is impressive. His fresh perspective on using a well balanced mix of technique, character, theatrics and creativity is profound, original, unique, and I’m yet to come across anyone quite like him. From working globally with vocalists of all styles, genres and walks of life, I hold Cain in the absolute highest of regards. Not only as a live/studio vocalist, but as a performer, writer, musical genius, and an all-round professional. He is one of Australia’s best.”


Aborym (Italy)

"Cain has brought this kind of wild, deeply personal approach to extreme music. He has created and calcified his own style of singing and screaming, which is unique. I absolutely love the variety and strangeness of his voice and singing style. He also has incredible range compared to most "extreme" singers, and nothing is out of reach for this Aussie motherf***er."

J A S O N   P E P P I A T T

Psycroptic (Tasmania)

“Cain is, by far, one of the best metal front men this country has produced. We toured Europe together and he brought intensity and ferocious vocals to his live performance every single night for 30+ shows in a row. Plus, he’s a total top notch dude.”

L O C H L A N   W A T T

Colossvs (Melbourne) &

Triple J: The Racket

“Cain is one of the most masterful and controlled vocalists I have had the pleasure of seeing, heavy or otherwise. With every performance, his pitch and poise have blown me away.”

P R O F .   J E R E M Y   W A L L A C H

 Bowling Green State University, Ohio (USA)

Dept. Of Popular Culture

“I would like to thank you for presenting your interactive vocal coaching workshop on extreme metal vocals at the Experience Music Project Pop Conference in Seattle...” (2016)


“As a longtime scholar of metal studies, still active in the field, I have attended quite a few workshops and

presentations on extreme metal vocals and none demystified the physiology and required technique

for this singing style as effectively as yours did.”

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