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studio recording

In my early experiences as a recording artist, I found a great deal of frustration in manifesting my vision to the recorded audio track. I knew how I wanted it to sound, but had difficulties in achieving the desired results. This is a common problem with vocalists (and creatives in general), but particularly in the perfectionist.


If only my recording engineer was a vocalist who understood my vision!

motivate - challenge - inspire

Since those earlier days, I finally began researching the vocal mechanism, and became my own engineer and producer. My mission is to understand your vision, and work with you, using my extensive understanding of vocal technique and production strategies, to bring life to your artistic vision. In the instance where you may be uncertain of exactly what you are going for, I will offer a multitude of options and guidance as to which approach I believe will be the most effective for the song in question.

Beside the more commonly scrutinized factors in vocal delivery (e.g., articulation, pace, projection, modulation etc.) I put a large focus on harnessing emotion in performance. I believe this to be an all too overlooked, yet highly significant factor in a vocalists individuality and creating expressive compositions which demand attention and stand out from the crowd.

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