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Cain Cressall The Amenta


Cain Cressall has earned an esteemed reputation as a critically acclaimed rock / metal vocalist in his 20+ years of live performance and studio recordings. Cressall has fronted several national and international touring acts, most notably, The Amenta, Malignant Monster and Pathogen.


Cressall's focus is in "exploring the limits of vocal ability" and, in pursuit of this, he was invited to speak at the 2016 Experience Music Project Pop Conference in Seattle, along with other notable vocalists K.D. Lang and Valerie June. Cressall presented a seminar on "Extreme Vocals as Marginal and Mainstream Phenomena” with academic Laura Glitsos in which they assert that "mainstream popular music has in fact influenced and shaped extreme metal vocals and, further, that much mainstream vocal technique is also derived from metal influences".


In 2016, Cressall was included in Heavy Music Magazine & Website's feature article: 'Top Ten Aussie Vocalists of the Decade'. Callum Doig wrote: "The Amenta put a catastrophic amount of fear and abrasive characteristics into their sound, especially with Cain Cressall as the band’s vocal orchestrator."

Cressall has fronted The Amenta since 2009, where he brought a new look and sound to the band before embarking on the Decibel Magazine/Nuclear Blast presented "Monsters Of Death" tour, playing 38-date tour across North America and Canada. Since then, The Amenta have toured numerous times throughout Europe, Indonesia and Australia, sharing stages with a vast plethora of highly regarded international and Australian acts. Cressall features on four studio recordings for The Amenta: the VO1D  EP (2011), the Chokehold  EP (2012), and two full-length albums Flesh Is Heir (2013) and Revelator (2021).

The Music and XpressMag journalist Brendan Crabb described Cressall's entry into the band as culminating in the "strongest incarnation" of the group and suggested that the "frontman's imposing presence has injected a more murderous edge to proceedings". In a LoudMag review for the album, Revelator, Brian Giffin said, "Cain Cressall injects haunting, atmospheric touches as he employs wider use of his ethereal clean singing style against the harsher elements, the contrast adding further layers to The Amenta's already rich sonic palette."

Prior to The Amenta, Cressall fronted West Australian bands Centaur, Pathogen, and most notably, Malignant Monster. Malignant Monster was an extreme metal band active from 2003 to 2016, when the group folded due to internal pressures. The band would release only one full-length album, Yours In Murder, which received international acclaim upon its release in 2013, as a follow-up to the, Prelude To Murder EP of 2012. The band gained its initial notoriety through their 2003 and 2005 demos, which were followed by feature spots on a slew of Compilation releases. The Welcome To Your Doom demo caught the attention of Megadeth's Dave Mustaine in early 2005, who contacted Cressall with an offer to executive produce Malignant Monster's debut album, free of charge. The project was abandoned, however, due to an overwhelm of mounting logistical expenses. The 2005 release, Foul Play, was originally intended as a pre-production demo for the album which was to be supervised by Mustaine. Once the project was abandoned, the band decided to press a limited run of Foul Play  CD's for national distribution, though it only featured 5 original tunes and a cover song.

Cressall has also collaborated on a variety of studio projects including, Australian bands, Mhorgl, Sensory Amusia, Ouroboros and Deadspace. International session projects include the legendary Italian "alien-black-hard/industrial" band, Aborym, as well as Swedish, melodic death-metal outfit Zornheym.


The Amenta

  • V01D (Digital EP w/ Music Video & Live Multicamera Video Clips) 2011

  • Chokehold (Digital EP w/ Live Multicamera Video Clip) 2012

  • Flesh Is Heir (Album w/ Music Video) 2013

  • Revelator (Album w/ numerous Music Videos)

Malignant Monster

  • Welcome To Your Doom (Demo) 2003

  • Foul Play (Demo & Music Video) 2005

  • Underearthed 4 (V/A Compilation) 2005

  • The Art of Shredding: A Tribute to Dime (V/A Compilation) 2006

  • Soveriegn Studios Sampler Vol. 1 (V/A Compilation) 2007

  • A Blaze in the Southern Skies (V/A Compilation) 2007 Exclusive Inferno Festival Promo (Demo) 2008

  • Prelude To Murder (Digital EP) 2012

  • Yours In Murder (Album) 2013

  • Misantrof Antichristmas Vol. 6 (Digital V/A Compilation) 2013


  • Severed & Frayed (Single / Music Video) 2010


  • Shadowhead (EP & Music Video) 2001


"It's always been exciting for me to dig deep, channeling intense, emotionally charged energy into everything I do. The more you expand your technique, the wider your platform is to express that energy. I will always endeavor to push my boundaries as a vocalist, and encourage that in all of my clients "
- Cain Cressall.

Image Credit: Jess Mathews Photography

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